IDinc installs the software applications, including all required interfaces, remotely on your server using a secure VPN connection. We provide you with easy-to-use spreadsheets and instruction manuals to build and test the modules’ dictionaries that allow you to customize the behavior of the applications according to your particular workflow requirements.


We will give your system administrator all the training and tools needed to succeed. IDinc also assists with end-user training and is always available to answer questions that might arise during training sessions. We can provide this assistance both on-site and remotely.


During implementation and after initial use, IDinc provides remote assistance for any questions you have regarding the software applications. We are available via phone and email and will always respond to you within two hours.


In response to client requests, IDinc regularly updates all of our modules with new features requested as well as regulatory requirements.

Custom Development

IDinc is an active software development firm and continuously develops new applications. All of IDinc’s modules have been developed with current client requirements in mind. Clients are encouraged to request new products and are provided with financial incentives to participate in the development process.