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Quality Modules

Quality modules provide you a comprehensive tool set to monitor your physician performance reviews, keep track of all internal communications involving physicians issues and help you meet your regulatory requirements.

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Peer Review

The Peer Review Manager is designed to accommodate the Joint Commission’s Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) and On-going Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE). It coordinates the review of physician’s quality of care through individual peers and committees. All data gathered through the Peer Review process is available on a physician activity profile summary to be used for credentialing and reappointment.

Chart Review

Managers use this module to create their own screen and data elements to facilitate data gathering for quality indicators. The system accommodates an unlimited number of indicators/measures and for each indicator, an unlimited number of data elements can be created. Drop-down, look-up, and multiple choice fields can be accommodated, allowing you to customize every aspect of the data gathering process.

Score Card

This module compiles data from various sources, including other IDinc modules, and produces customized Score Cards. The Score Cards are completely user-definable and can produce data in any row/column format desired. Data from IDinc modules is accessible to the Score Card module in real-time. Data from external sources is periodically loaded electronically via an Excel-formatted file. Once loaded, external data can be used on multiple Score Cards.

Physician Relations

This module is used to manage physician complaints. Issues are automatically assigned to the appropriate personnel. Email-based notifications, reminders and escalation notices assure that all issues are addressed in a timely fashion. A diary of all communication with the physician or between various personnel is kept as a reference and can produced on demand.